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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ thriller, love it. one of my favorites. one of my favorite halloween, or songs any time of year, actually. this is a beautiful shot from the roof right here at ktvu channel 2. looks like a nice morning. happy halloween. we're going to take -- and this is interstate 80. we're hearing drivers heading west toward the bay bridge moving along okay. sal says no problems and no rain this morning, but that's going to change today. thank you for joining us, monday october 31st. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. yeah, we are expecting more rain. let's check in with steve paulson now. a third round? >> last system. i have a rule of thumb, and my friends give me grief for it. new month, new weather pattern. we're going into november and looks like a drier pattern. >> but not in time for trick or treaters? >> no. >> going to rain on us, okay. >> farther south better off. farther north not going to be.
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we'll have a break this morning. pin creasing clouds -- increasing clouds and system moving through. if you're in a dry pattern, i'd say don't worry about it. when you're in a rainy pattern, we are now, rain looks likely for just about everybody. not a lot, but enough we have to mention it and cover up the trick or treaters a little bit. we get a break, and things roll in. this is our last system. it will drag across us and bring us rain by this evening. 50s on the temps. few 40s. livermore at 49. everyone is close here. upper 40s into mill valley and napa. look at kelseyville, 42 chilly degrees. low 50s for many. including petalum. rainfall will not be heavy. this will be the last system before we see pattern change, showing drier weather after today. 60s on the temps. sal, everything okay on those
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screens or has something popped up yet? >> so far so good, steve. i like what i see so far. you can see traffic is going be busy in some areas already. for example, on the commute here from the altmonte pass, tracy into livermore. has been a decent drive. entire commute appears to be looking good as you drive through. then you see the normal traffic. we don't see crashes. that's what i always look for. if you drive every day at this time, you'll see what you always see. that's what we can hope for and not see anything surprising. the bay bridge toll plaza, not backed up yet. usually at about 5:30 is when the metering lights come on. 280 in san jose looks good. today is the day a lot of people leave work early to get home to trick or treat with the kids. usually causes a big traffic jam in the evening on
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halloween. always happens. there's no reason to believe it won't happen today. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. a man is in jail now accused of sexually assaulting a teenager with downs syndrome at a bart station. ktvu's christien kafton live where police say this happened and where the man was arrested minutes later. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the boy's parents contacted ktvu. they say they were here at the pittsburgh bay point bart station saturday evening. they say the boy went to go use the rest room. while the mother was outside she said the suspect followed her son into that bathroom. this all happened saturday evening. the family was on their way back to their daily city home. the mother says her son wanted to use the rest room and she says she saw the suspect follow her son into that bathroom. >> when i say, my son is in there, but as soon as i said that, he just turn around, look at me and lock the door behind
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him. >> reporter: again, that mother tells ktvu that she banged on the door and eventually had to get station officials. when the suspect opened the door, she said her son's clothes were in disarray. the suspect was arrested. he is in custody now. as for the 15-year-old, his family says he broke down and told them happened after he had been examined at a hospital and returned home. the family says they're not sure if he will ever truly recover from this incident. we've been trying to research the suspect and we found what appears to be a public intoxication arrest in elk grove, california last year. we will continue to try to find out more details about this suspect, including a possible court date, when he's set to be officially charged in this case. back to you guys. >> christien kafton, thank you. time is now 5:04. the fbi now has a warrant, they'll start reviewing e-mails to and from hillary clinton. they were found on a laptop computer shared by one of
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hillary clinton's top aides and her estranged husband. >> that discovery could affect the election, which is about a week away. doug luzader live in washington with the latest developments and what this means. doug. >> reporter: good morning. the clinton campaign clearly concerned about the implications of this now expanded investigation, being aggressive going after the fbi. >> there's a lot of noise and distraction, but it really comes down to what kind of future we want. >> reporter: hillary clinton in florida, trying to downplay the fbi investigation, but she and her team are now engaged in a relentless campaign to attack and discredit fbi director james comey. >> he's come under intense criticism from former justice department officials who said this is entirely a breach of protocol. >> reporter: comey notified congress friday that the fbi obtained new e-mails related to the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. we've since learned those e- mails came from a laptop shared
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by top clinton aide huma abedin and ler now estranged husband, anthony weiner who is under investigation for allegedly sexting with a teen. it's possible they're duplicates of ones investigators have already uncovered and may have nothing to do with clinton. but this investigation hits what polls show are her weak spots. >> this could be the mother load. >> reporter: all of this may happen donald trump a life line at a critical time. but because of the prevalence of early voting and the advantage clinton has held, the impact of even this late october surprise could be muted, it's something the clinton campaign is counting on. >> those people who voted in person who now say, i wouldn't have done that, they're gone. >> reporter: think of the arc for jim comey. he angered many republicans when he initially declined to prosecute hillary clinton over her e-mail setup. now he has angered democrats by
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bringing this up yet again. one democratic member of congress is calling on comey to resign. back to you guys. >> doug luzader from washington. thank you, doug. there is also another accusation of donald trump and inappropriate sexual behavior. this time the charge comes from shark tank star barbara corcoran. back here at home, we're following developing news in oakland, a fire at an abandoned house being investigated as possible arson. it started last night just after 7:30 on 47th avenue and foothill boulevard. the fire department posted these photos on twitter. they believe arson is the cause because it's the second time the house has caught fire. some neighbors also say they've
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seen homeless people going in and out of the house. the firefighters were able to keep the flames from causing serious damage to the homes next door and no one was hurt. oakland police are also investigating a shooting that left one woman dead. it happened saturday night on 34th street, near the border with the city of emoryville. a woman was found in the street shortly before midnight. we don't know her name. people living in the neighborhood say they don't recognize her either. investigators have no information about a suspect or a possible motive in the shooting. hayward police are investigating an officer involved shooting that injured one man. hayward police say a ranger at tennyson park called for help after 9:00 saturday night. when police arrived they found an rv with a man inside. investigators say that man started driving towards police and a group of people holding a party at the park. officers shot at the rv at least one bullet hit the driver. the man was taken to the
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hospital where doctors say he has nonlife-threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. police have not released any other information about the rv driver. santa cruz police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who injured a uc santa cruz student. police say the 20-year-old student was walking home from a party, halloween party early yesterday morning when she was hit. she was crossing highway 1 between river and mission streets. police say she was not in a crosswalk at the time. they are now looking for a 2010 or 2011 silver honda crv similar to this one. they say it may have damage to the front bumper on the passenger side. new developments in that sex scandal involving several bay area police departments. coming up, the officers who may now be fired for their connection with jasmine abuslin. officials in italy say they are surprised no one died in the latest big earthquake to hit their country. but they are continuing to search for victims.
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we're still seeing a commute that's mostly good and dry. this is a look at northbound 101 san francisco. not a bad commute getting up to the 80 split. get a little break in the morning. but by this evening sure looks like our last system is going to give rain to most of the area. we'll have an update on that, see what's in store the rest of the week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:12. we're getting new video of the latest quake damage in central italy. at least 20 people are hurt after yesterday's magnitude 6.6 quake. look at the pictures. at least 15,000 people want help after evacuating. that number is expected to grow. rescue crews are still searching the rubble for people who might still be trapped. almost 300 people died in quakes in that same region last august. iraqi special forces are inching closer to mosul. iraqi's defense ministry released this video of stronghold being hit with airstrikes. the iraqi army is now just about 2 miles from the eastern outskirts of the city. mosul is the last major city in iraq held by the islamic state. the battle to reclaim it could take weeks or even months. in a city just outside of
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mosul, dozens of christians celebrated mass for the first time in two years. the church is in ruins, but the clergy is promising to rebuild. the terror group seized control of the city in 2014. christians were given the ultimatum of converting to muslim, paying a tax or death. american airlines is facing a lawsuit from an army veteran who says she was not only prevented from getting on the flight because of her service dog, but she was humiliated several times by airline employees. she said it happened last year when lisa mccombs was about to board a flight from kansas to mississippi with her dog. she says airline employees verbally assaulted her with questions about her disability, and ultimately denied her flight twice over a few days. the lawsuit accuses the airline of discrimination and also violating the americans with
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disabilities act. >> a crazy, obnoxious situation took place, arguing back and forth, humiliation, harassment. and ultimately my flight was denied. the whole situation perpetuateed my disability, sent me into crisis mode. >> during the third attempt, she says airline staffers came with a wheelchair, loudly announced they were there for a disabled veteran, and insisted on escorting her. american airlines reportedly has reached out to her, acknowledging the mistake and says they want to make things right. in case you missed it, there is one less section of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. over the weekend caltrans used more than 10,000 pounds of explosives to take down the 25 million-pound section of the bridge. the implosion brought traffic to a halt in both directions so they could keep the public at a
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safe distance. the project was held up about 10 minutes after a sea lion swam into the area. caltrans gave it a little time to leave. more implosions are planned, but no date set. very interesting. yeah. it's time to check in with sal. you're watching the bridges and roads and also what else is happening out there. >> we have breaking news in oakland. we have a structure fire in oakland burning at a three- story building that was under construction near lester and hanover, which is close to lake merit in oakland. you can see the flames rising here, and looks like it's heavily involved and smoke is rising. we do have a lot of fire companies arriving on the scene, they're talking to each other and seeming to need more and more support. not sure how many alarms this is, but they seem to be asking for more equipment to arrive.
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again, this is near lake merit near lester and hanover, about a block away on lake merritt's east side. we're going to find out more about this coming up. we have a fire in redwood city this morning. we're switching to this, the traffic in redwood city will be affected by a fire on el camino real. san jose, not a bad commute as you drive through. traffic continues to look good driving into the area coming up through the san jose region. let's go to the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good heading out to the highrise. at the bay bridge traffic, it is light, though 5:30 is usually when we start seeing the slow traffic. this fire in oakland seems to be growing. as i keep looking at the pictures, there's more and more flames coming up. we'll let you know. even if the short time i've been talking to you, the flames seem to be growing and growing. we do have a crew on the way.
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let's go to steve. where is it again, sal? >> lester and hanover, two side streets near lake merit. >> thank you. i hate to say this, but looks like rain on the trick or treaters this evening. what time do you think? sure looks like around 6:00. might be sooner for some to the north, and over towards the coast. rain looks likely this evening. plan accordingly. if it were tomorrow night i'd say we're fine. there were others that had more than this. santa cruz mountains and i'm putting those together. 1.25-- san francisco .3. and livermore .15. again, we have one more day and then we can get a lot of these rain totals. most locations 200 to 300% more of average. incredible amounts for october.
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sleepy hollow about 9 inches of rain this month. for october, that's almost unheard of. oakmont, near kenwood, the most rain ever in october going back to 1975. a lot of these also go back to a very wet october 2010, and it's blowing past that. we have one more system. we're okay this morning, if you want to plan something. the morning is your best bet. here comes our next system, it's last in the series, unless there's a hiccup in the forecast models. i don't think so. they all show high pressure kicking in tomorrow. upper 40s, low to mid-50s. a little cool for some. 48 near the concord pavilion. low 50s lafayette, walnut creek, same for dublin. redding at 53 along with arcata. 44 reno. upper 40s even in sacramento. calming down after a weekend of rain and snow. looks quiet. in fact this system will weaken
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by the time it lifts northward. will give us rain. it's on its way and there's plenty here. for the morning, mostly sunny. then by noon we cloud it up and rain develops by later this afternoon into tonight. not a lot, but enough where even .13. 19 or over .3 inches, enough where you'll have to coverup some of the costumes. temperatures really won't change today or tomorrow. rain this evening, take it into early tuesday and clears out. it looks dry, but there's going to be a lot of that fog showing up. inland fog here with this much rain, plus we set our clocks back there weekend. >> i am so glad about that, though. >> you know apply platform -- my platform -- >> i know. it's really tough, though, because a lot of kids who walk to school in the morning, they're leaving and it's still dark. we've extended the time, too. i'm very happy to turn those clocks back.
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and we get that extra hour. >> next weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. 5:20 is the time. california's drought has forced so many people to get rid of their lawns. but was it worth it? coming up in 20 minutes what water agencies are now doing to find out who has done their part to conserve water. nascar fans hit by a race. what they heard in the parking lot, that injured more than two dozen people. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new from overnight, an oklahoma man wanted for several violent crimes, including the shooting of two police officers, has now been killed. 38-year-old michael vance, jr. was killed yesterday in a shootout with police in dewey county, oklahoma. a sheriff's deputy was also wounded, but he's expected to survive. a manhunt for advance started a week ago after he shot and wounded two police officers near oklahoma city. he's also suspected of killing two of his relatives and committing several carjackings. almost two dozen car racing fans are recovering from injuries suffered in an accident while leaving a nascar race in virginia. this happened yesterday afternoon about an hour after the final race at the martinsville speedway. state police say the driver of a chevy convertible struck and injured 22 people who were walking to their cars in the parking lot of the speedway. nine people went to the
5:25 am
hospital. the other victims were treated there at the scene. witnesses say the driver had tried to pass other cars after pulling out of the handicapped parking area. >> i was standing right behind that truck, the chevy old style truck, up against the fence. i felt the wind go behind me and then i heard screams. >> virginia state police are still questioning the driver, trying to figure out what caused the crash. they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. a southern california woman has been found alive after apparently being trapped in her car for five days. the 69-year-old woman was found in her overturned humphrey saturday. a good samaritan called 911 after seeing the wreckage down a steep hill. >> i got about 20 feet away from that car and the hair on my neck started to stand up. she was about 100 feet down from the slope on the top of
5:26 am
the ridge. about 30-degree slope on the ridge, and the car was actually leaning downhill and was very unstable. >> she was reported missing five days earlier. she used the onstar feature in her car to call for help. but when police searched the area, they couldn't find her. she was taken to a hospital and is in serious condition. it is 5:26. we have breaking news in oakland right now. we're going to take you live to the scene we're watching. look at the left side of your screen. this is a big fire, a building on fire near lake merritt in oakland. we're looking at this from our traffic cameras. we do have a crew heading over there. we'll bring you the latest on what's happening. and there is another structure fire, this time in redwood city, that's closed one block of el camino real because of a two alarm fire. traffic is not getting through. we'll tell you about this fire as well. little break this morning. watch out for fog.
5:27 am
but tonight looks like one more system is going to give us some rain for the trick or treaters.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we have breaking news we're watching. look at your screen. these are live pictures, a huge fire at a three-story building that is under construction, pam. >> oh, gosh. there is a live picture, our traffic cameras, that fire burning near lake merritt. this is near the intersection
5:30 am
of lester at hanover streets. just a live picture there, you can see just how big this fire is. we're going to check in on that and how it's affecting traffic in just a moment. >> also because it's a densely populated area, a lot of apartments in that area, and a lot of trees as well. >> so many apartments and businesses nearby. that is just a huge fire. we're going to continue to update, find out how this fire started and hopefully they can get it contained very quickly. it's monday, october 31st. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's go right to sal. we see all this, how is this affecting oakland traffic? we're watching this fire here and i'm just listening to them. they've asked for another full assignment, which i assume means another alarm. they're also asking the fire department asking for east bay mud to arrive on the scene to boost water pressure. i've been hearing them talk
5:31 am
about water. they're sending in more equipment because water pressure and water seems to be an issue here. just going on the radio reports. but we do know that they have evacuated several buildings. i'm just looking at the area, just using google maps really, just a lot of apartment complexes, a lot of buildings there. a lot of, also a lot of power lines in the area. i've heard the fire department talk about that. they wanted to raise the aerial ladders, but it's going to be hard. it's almost like trying to raise anything near power lines going um. as we know in the tv business, sometimes we can't raise our masts. the fire department is having trouble raising their aerial ladders. this is a closer picture. this is on lester near hanover street in oakland. it's very close to lake merritt. you need to avoid the area and more fire equipment is going to be coming in. we'll let you know more about this. i want to talk about something
5:32 am
else we're talking about here. if he go back to maps. el camino real, that's a good area to stay away from. we're monitoring that fire as well. let's go to steve with today's weather. thank you. we do have mostly clear skies right now. this is some fog popping up that makes sense, because with so much moisture in the air, unless we get a robust breeze, there will be a lot of fog. we have one more front that has to move through. that will be this evening. looks like later this afternoon and tonight. rain is likely for most. maybe the farther south you go you might get a break. farther north sure looks like it's in the mix. if it was tomorrow night i'd say we're good. but that's not the case. a little break now. light shower activity could pop up. we're in the twix and between.
5:33 am
crescent city, eureka. increasing clouds this afternoon and rain will move back in and will continue into early tuesday. 50s on the temps. or upper 40s. cool readings. 48 menlo park. even san mateo at 51. there's our last system in this series. after this goes through looks like high pressure will build in. rainfall not heavy, but maybe enough to cover up some of the costumes. then tuesday morning looks like we're done for a while. 60s on the temps. thank you, steve. we want to update you on this break news out of oakland. huge fire burning. it's a building under construction near lake merritt. ktvu's alex savidge just arrived on the scene. we're going to check in with him in just a little bit to get an update. again, this is lester at hanover and this is right near
5:34 am
lake merritt. here's a live picture right now of this fire. you can tell the flames are huge. you can see them from the freeway. >> yeah. >> look at our traffic camera there. >> right, right. >> that gives you an indication of how big that fire is. we want to check in now with alex savidge, who again -- you're very close to the fire. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, well, we're probably about i'd say probably a block or so from this fire. just look at the huge names you -- flames you see. one of the first things i thought of, look at all those embers going incredibly high up into the air. as we were driving up to this fire, a couple of blocks away, we're watching embers falling down in the street, falling down potentially onto other houses. so that has to be a concern here this morning for the oakland fire department. not only worried about trying to contain the fire at this building, but the potential for
5:35 am
other fires in this neighborhood. a lot of activity here, seeing a lot of neighbors waking up and trying to get out of their places this morning. what we understand, what i was just told by a neighbor is we have here a condo complex that was under construction, maybe about 30 units or so. i want to bring in jackie who lives right next door. you woke up, someone banged on your door, what happened? >> yeah, we had someone bang on my door. i heard our neighbor yelling and other people yelling in the court yard and we immediately smelled smoke. when we went outside, we could see the red plumes of smoke going up into the sky and the giant embers, like you said. we just grabbed as much stuff as we thought we needed and left. as we were standing on the street watching, the fire department arrive, we saw flames break through the back side of the building that was burning. now i think it's all fully
5:36 am
engulfed. >> reporter: how far under construction was the building? >> siding. they started to put up siding. >> reporter: see anything unusual there or seen anything unusual, people going into that area? >> no. construction workers are there every morning early. but we really can't see, like, who can access the building. we can just see once people are in the building, if they're on the scaffolding, that's what we can see from our side. >> reporter: you feel like everyone who lives close was able to get out okay? >> definitely people in our building were able to get out. it's so huge, and if you are anywhere in close proximity, you can smell the smoke, so i think hopefully that would be enough of an alarm for people. >> reporter: i sure hope so. everyone seems to be up and awake. jackie, thank you very much. one of the neighbors who lives in fact next door to where this fire is burning. she's okay this morning. she believes all her neighbors were also able to get out. you can just see this giant
5:37 am
plume of smoke. again, the big concern that we have here is just the potential for other homes catching on fire. we have to think that that's a concern for the oakland fire department. because these embers are going incredibly high into the air and potentially landing on nearby rooftops, you guys. >> that is definitely, i'm sure, a huge concern. do you have any idea, you said you're about a block away from this fire. so this is a building under construction. can you tell what is next to the building that's burning and how close things are? is it too hard to see from there? >> reporter: from our vantage point it's really hard. as you were alluding to earlier, it's a tightly, tightly packed neighborhood. lots of houses densely packed. i'm guessing we're about a block away. i think we're about a block or so away. but no, i can't tell what is right next door. obviously there is, judging by my conversation here with one
5:38 am
of the neighbors, there are quite a few houses and other apartments that are directly adjacent to this particular building. again, a building that was under construction and according to that neighbor, it's a condo complex. they were just putting the siding on it, maybe about 30 units or so is what that neighbor estimated. certainly a lot of other buildings close by. >> i'm sure you're going to hear from more people. i would imagine a lot of people will start coming out of their homes as they hear about this and hear that -- boy, it looks like that fire is getting even bigger now. >> reporter: yeah. what we're going to try to do, honestly, we pulled up here and this is the first vantage point we could find. seemed to be a good point to pull over and get a live picture. we're going to try to get a little bit closer and get a better sense of what's close by. >> we'll check in with you throughout the morning to see if there are evacuations that might happen. certainly that's a possibility. >> reporter: i would say that's
5:39 am
a distinct possibility. i have no doubt, in fact, those that live close to this fire have been ordered out of their places. or left on their own. >> thank you, alex. we'll also check in with sal, because it could affect a lot of traffic and you can see it from the freeway. you can tell how big that fire is. time is now 5:39. in other news, four richmond police officers have lost their job in connection with the sex scandal involving several bay area police departments. the officers were among the 11 who were being investigated in connection with jasmine abuslin. the richmond mayor and city manager says five other officers have been reprimanded, two others left for other reasons. abuslin has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the city of
5:40 am
richmond. no richmond officers have been charged as of yet. prosecutors have filed criminal charges against five current or former law enforcement officers. right now it is 5:40. it has been more than a month since the fire likely sparked by a discarded cigarette burned four homes in petaluma. we continue to follow the morning commuted. by the way, this fire can be seen from all the freeways. you can see it from 880, you can see it from 580. you can see it from miles around, as you can see here. it may be a distraction to traffic. this fire is burning in a building near lake merritt. more team coverage on this incident is straight ahead. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are following breaking news out of oakland. we want to show you this just incredible live photo of this huge fire. it is a building that is under construction, three-story building. you can see how big this fire is, because this is our traffic camera. so we're pretty far away. >> this is burning near lake merritt. the building is near the intersection of lester and hanover. sal, you're watching it. the commute, how is this affecting traffic in that area? >> it is visible, plainly, from the freeways around this area. you can see it. we have two cameras on it. you can see the fire coming up. again, this is about a block away from lake merritt, which is also a pretty busy area in the morning. the traffic has not, basically it's not as heavy as it will be on 880 or 580. but you can see it.
5:44 am
alex savidge is trying to get closer to the fire. you saw a report he was about a block away. this is a three-story building that was under construction. they had scaffolding up. it came down. it's a pretty big fire and looks like the building will be a total loss. they have also started evacuating some of the other exposure buildings near the fire building. they're taking people out of the buildings nearby. you saw some of the embers going up in the air. pretty dangerous situation. one thing we know is firefighters have been having trouble getting their aerial ladders up because of the electrical wires in the area. we'll have another report from the scene coming up. when it comes to traffic and generally in the bay area we're doing okay. 880 is fine. bay bridge toll plaza is getting busier. we see a little bit of traffic there. traffic is building on the typical commute. we'll follow the fire, and also
5:45 am
look at the commute all morning long. let's go from here and go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sir. areas of fog reported. this is the inland variety. increasing clouds on the rain. looks like rain likely by this evening. one more system has to move through. some of the rain totals were good for some. santa rosa 1.25. concord .5. san francisco 0.3. livermore .15. many that had 1.25 or more. mostly clear this morning. everything is in between now. we're waiting for this next system, increasing clouds on the north coast. so it won't take long. there's our system. it's not as strong as the past couple, that's for sure. rainfall will be light. can't get around it to be honest with you.
5:46 am
upper 40s for some. saratoga. 50s for others. santa clara at 49. low 50s for many. not only to the north, but also here. this system will swing in and increasing clouds. the rainfall won't be that much, but will be enough to put a damper on things. tonight, early tomorrow and that's it for a while. pattern shows dry probably into the weekend as well. makes sense. we've had an incredible amount of rain here for october. some of the totals coming in almost 10, 11 inches of rain for some. kind of a time line here for tonight. this looks to be about right. maybe between about 6and 9:00. i think there will be a little bit more than this and continues to move through. farther south you might be all right to a certain point. i think farther north you'll have a lot of rain. after that we're good to go except for the fog that will be showing up in a big way mid- week. 60s on the temps. temperatures kind of stuck here for a couple of days. then i think we'll get warmer weather. if not wednesday, looks to be thursday.
5:47 am
this may be one where the coast is nicer than some inland areas, dealing with a lot of fog. >> that could make for dangerous driving. people be careful. >> some out there this morning. >> and tonight with the trick or treaters. thank you, steve. time is 5:47. water agencies have spent millions of dollars to pay property owners to tear out their lawns during the drought, now they're trying to answer the question, was it worth the cost? water experts around the state are conducting and checking satellite images, infrared air eagle photos of neighborhood drive byes to gauge how many turf was taken out. it's estimated one-third of all the water used by american households goes to watering lawns and gardens. that's 9 billion gallons every day, enough to supply drinking water every day for nine cities the size of new york. looks like winter in the sierra this morning. finally several inches of snow fell over the weekend. we've had a lot of rain up
5:48 am
there. the storm caught some people offguard. >> reporter: if you didn't expect a mid-fall storm to be this bad, you're not alone. >> it just dumped. i have never seen it snow that hard that fast in october. >> reporter: even people who know snow. >> having better weather in iowa. >> reporter: didn't see this coming. >> vacation. call it that. getting stuck and having to come back for some chains. >> reporter: and more winter weather nightmare. >> definitely stuck. >> like, i fell over trying to push the car. >> there you go. speed limit is 30. be careful. >> all preparation at the start of the storm was not good. had a lot of people in big rv's pulling boats. >> got chains because we have to put them on. >> reporter: where are you from? >> wyoming. >> reporter: others found
5:49 am
themselves stranded and alone. scenes like this kept caltrans busy all day. >> had to turn traffic for a while, and once you have wrecks it's hard to get the sander and graders out around them, because they're stuck in traffic. we did a lot of sit, wait and talk for a while. >> two major roads leading into yosemite national park are also now closed for the winter. tioga road and glacier point road were both shut down over the weekend because of the weather. they'll stay closed until further notice. they usually reopen after the winter. yosemite national park is open year round, but they close those roads. closed a little bit early it seems. we're still following breaking news from oakland. if you're just waking up, look at this live picture. a huge building fire near lake merritt and these are live pictures. incredible. ktvu's alex savidge is there. illegal bring us the -- he'll
5:50 am
bring us the latest in our 6:00 hour. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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f0 welcome back. we are following that breaking news out of oakland. if you are just joining us, a huge fire, it is at a three- story building that is under construction. we do understand now that
5:53 am
evacuations of nearby buildings are underway. >> you're looking at live pictures. one of our traffic cameras. the fire is burning near lake merritt. the building is near the intersection of lester at hanover. scaffolding out there has come down as well. we're on this story. alex savidge is there. we're there with the firefighters next to them as they're battling these flames. alex will have an update on this fire coming up in just minutes. again, now we can really see the fire fight. and you can see this building is under construction. >> right. hopefully they can contain it, as we've talked about, we understand evacuations of nearby buildings underway as a precaution. there's our photographer pulling out a little bit. you can see some of the scaffolding on fire. we've been worried about sparks obviously flying. it doesn't sound like it's very windy fortunately. the weather might be
5:54 am
cooperating a bit. but again, this is live picture right near lake merritt. certainly affecting some city streets around there. and there's our live picture, our traffic camera, you can see it from the freeway. try not to be distracted as you are driving, because certainly that will catch a lot of people's attention. evacuations nearby. alex savidge right there on scene. and we are going to check in with him throughout the morning as well as sal regarding traffic in that area near lake merritt. in other news, authorities in north dakota are investigating a weekend fire near the scene of that big oil pipeline protest. the 400-acre wildfire was reported early sunday morning on private property in morton county, north dakota. no reports of any injuries. still no word on how that fire started. but it did burn a short distance away from where native american leaders have been camped out for months. they are trying to block the construction of the pipeline
5:55 am
which is designed to run through north dakota and three other states. that pipeline protest in north dakota is now getting support from activists here in the bay area. [ chanting ] >> members of the local native american community held a rally at san francisco's church yesterday, showing their solidarity with the native americans in north dakota, in opposing the pipeline they say harms the environment and their sacred lines. >> it's to go through sacred burial grounds, treaty protected reservations and buried underneath the rivers. when, not if, when it starts leaking it will poison the drinking water for 17 million americans. >> the planned pipeline would connect oil rich areas of north dakota to illinois, supporters say it would help meet america's growing energy needs
5:56 am
while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. a boy in florida celebrating halloween got the surprise of his lifetime. >> daddy! >> hey, buddy. >> daddy! >> nothing like it. 4-year-old jaden thought this would be his first halloween without his dad, who is an air force sergeant. he's been deployed overseas the past eight months. sergeant hayes was just as excited to reunited with his son, even though he didn't know how big the surprise would be. >> i thought i was just coming here to pick him up just from trick or treating. but turned out to be a whole lot more. >> jaden's mom says her son missed his father so much, he decided to dress up like his dad for halloween. >> those stories always get me. that's so sweet. love to see that. we are coming up on our 6:00 hour. unfortunately we have that breaking news, that huge fire
5:57 am
burning right near lake merritt in oakland. building under construction caught fire just about 45 minutes ago. here's a live picture of that. then also we're looking at the weather. there's the bay bridge. we do understand people near that fire have been evacuated. we're going to have a live report from the scene. elsewhere in the morning commute, for the most part we're off to a decent start when it comes to driving around. this is a look at the bay bridge. little bit of a delay at the toll plaza getting into the city is normal. i'll tell you something you should watch out for today driving around the bay. we get a little break from the rain. there's one more system. it will be weak, but will be here by tonight. we'll talk about that and some of the incredible totals coming in for this month. run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly.
5:58 am
they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
5:59 am
good morning. thank you for waking up with us, monday october 31:00. we want to go to our breaking news in oakland. firefighters attacking a large fire near lake merritt. started about an hour ago. >> we're talking about a building under construction. this is at hanover and lester avenues. ktvu's alex savidge got there
6:00 am
about a half hour ago. you're right there, so what's the latest? >> reporter: they seem to be getting a bit of control over this fire, kind of knocking down those huge flames that we saw early on. i'll step out of the way here and you can see. obviously this building still fully ungulfed in flames, actively burning. you have the ladder trucks here. they're putting water on this fire from up above. and you got the engines and they're putting water on it as well. this fire was certainly much larger when we first pulled upto this scene about 45 minutes ago. we'll take you to those pictures. a massive column of flame and smoke rising up into the night sky as we pulled up. it was just incredible. there were ashes, excuse me, i guess we should say embers essentially being blown up into the air and drifting over into the


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